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We are committed to providing care for the whole person

Comprehensive and coordinated health care is available to the community, and specialized services are offered to individuals with disabilities and their families.The professional health care team at Center Health Care is headed by Maria Kansas Devine, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at the Center for Disability Services. In partnership with her colleagues, Dr. Kansas, an experienced family medicine physician, is dedicated to managing a dynamic, consistently improving system of health care known for its leadership in innovation and excellence.

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Hear what our patients have to say

“From our initial admin-intake to our visit, and through subsequent visits…..our experience with the staff at Center Health has been more than we hoped for. The professionalism, the protocol, the modernity of the facility that Center staff has at their disposal and the level of courtesy and “human touch” that the team at Center Health embodies and exhibits, are all, in our opinion, a high benchmark of standard-setting “Best Practices” that could likely teach the rest of the nation in how to accommodate and dignify the vulnerable, but beautiful population that Center Health serves. The Center and the professional people who choose to serve within it make our nation better…not the other way around.”