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Welcome to The Center's Mail Fulfillment Center


The Mail Fulfillment Center at the Center for Disability Services provides meaningful employment opportunities in a competitive work environment for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to offer high-quality complex printing, mailing, and scanning services to our clients while also creating jobs for the disabled workforce. The Center’s mission is to provide as many competitive wage jobs to individuals with disabilities as we can.

The Center partners with NYSID to provide Mail Fulfillment and Scanning Services through the NYS Preferred Source program. This partnership has resulted in hundreds of job opportunities for disabled individuals. And, because the Center is focused on quality, NY state agencies have had their mail fulfillment, and scanning needs met at the highest standards.


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Why choose the center

Support our mission in providing meaningful work opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Save at minimum 10% on postage costs by utilizing presort mailing, and eliminate costly mail equipment, supply, and service expenses.

Utilize the highest levels of document integrity software on the market today to meet strict compliance requirements

Focus your time and resources on your core business

Individuals with disabilities make up 70% of the Mail Fulfillment Center's workforce.


Our Team

The Mail Fulfillment Center employs individuals with disabilities who perform a wide range of services in the processing of our client work. The team is also comprised of skilled operators, IT staff, and professionals that assure all aspects of our clients' work are processed timely, securely, and accurately.


The Center has close partnerships with our software and hardware vendors to ensure that our technology remains cutting edge.