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MOVE™ International (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience)

MOVE™ International (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience) MOVE International is an activity-based program designed to improve independence and overall quality of life. Through the program, individuals of all ages and cognitive levels acquire motor skills for sitting, standing, walking, and transitioning utilizing equipment such as adaptive chairs, standers, and gait trainers. MOVE International is suitable for any individual with a disability who needs assistance in these areas, regardless of age or cause of disability.

MOVE is a philosophy and a way of life. It’s a proven practice that individuals with multiple disabilities can learn to:

SIT to eat participate in activities, education, and even employment

STAND such as washing at a sink, food prep, and upright toileting

WALK to move to participate in play or complete tasks —with & without support

TRANSITION from bed to chair, sitting to standing, etc.

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The MOVE Program was developed in the 1980s by D. Linda Bidabe, a special education teacher, to address the lack of mobility skills among students with severe disabilities. It quickly expanded to neighboring school districts.


In 1991, the first MOVE curriculum was published.


MOVE International as a nonprofit organization was established in 1994.


In 2004, the program extended its focus to adults with disabilities, starting with a successful pilot program at Chesapeake Care in Maryland. Thousands of teachers, thereapists, support staff, family members, and administrators worldwide have been trained as MOVE Basic Providers to assist individuals with diabilities. The MOVE Program has proven effective in enhancing the quality of life for individuals, their families, and support providers.


In 2022, The Center had the opportunity to acquire MOVE International and expand the abilites of our innovative programming.


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