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St. Margaret's Center

At St. Margaret’s we believe kids who are facing the most serious medical challenges deserve the opportunity to just be kids.


St. Margaret’s Center offers cutting-edge, 24-hour long-term intensive medical care to chronically ill children and children who have disabilities. 


But, more than just skilled care, St. Margaret’s is a place where infants, children and young adults can learn and grow despite any obstacle. We’re focused on creating a full childhood experience for every patient, which includes activities, school, family and friends in a warm atmosphere that feels like home. We see our patients as kids, not conditions.


What makes St. Margaret’s special?

  • Compassionate, caring and experienced staff
  • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
  • Less than one mile to Albany Medical Center
  • Wide range of services and therapies tailored to the needs of long-term pediatric care 
  • On-site and community-based NYS licensed school services
  • Individually focused and group life activities
  • Fully-accessible playground
  • Dental services


We’re also here to support families who are facing difficult times – and here to celebrate with them during happier times. Each family becomes our family.


Family and Social Service Support includes:

  • Assistance with insurance and benefits
  • Guidance in navigating available services
  • On-site furnished apartment for family stays
  • Family-focused events and activities