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Your support improves quality of life through technology.

Brushing teeth. Avoiding pressure ulcers (bed sores). Opening doors. These all may seem like simple tasks. But for the over 12,000 people the Center for Disability Services supports, the over six million individuals with developmental disabilities in the U.S., and the rapidly growing aging population, these are daily struggles.

Health Innovations Incubator & Technology Center — the Center’s research and development program — combines cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking problem-solving with our core mission. HII Tech identifies obstacles to getting better at life, and uses engineering to develop a broad range of new products ranging from adaptive equipment to caregiver tools.

A partnership between some of the area’s brightest engineering students, educators, and the Center, HII Tech has several exciting and life-changing products under its wing or in development, including:


•    Redesigned and patented toothbrush for caregiver use
•    Revolutionary modulating pressure seating for wheelchair use
•    Solution for caregiver-assisted bathing


And, while HII Tech is aimed at solving life quality issues for the disabled community, its innovations reach even further. Recently, HII Tech reacted to the local medical community’s needs for COVID-19 protection by designing and producing high-quality face shields for use at Albany Medical Center.


It is innovation born in the Capital Region, with potential for self-sustainability that will change the world for those with disabilities. We need your help to make their efforts go even further! 


Your gift will be put to work immediately to fuel continued innovation that truly makes a difference in the lives of many. Your support is crucial to our efforts to provide comfort, accessibility, independence, and a better quality of life for those we support and individuals with disabilities all over the world.

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