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How MOVE™ International Works

The MOVE program is based on research showing the brain's ability to form new pathways through repeated practice and activity-based intervention. Participants practice skills required for day-to-day tasks in natural situations. It employs a top-down strategy that integrates the participant's current capabilities with a targeted instructional process. The program can be implemented by family members, teachers, therapists, and other professionals, and can be carried out in various settings, including schools, adult day programs, assisted living communities, and at home.

The MOVE Program is comprised of six steps to assist the individual, family, and/or care providers in helping the learner advance in their gross motor skills:

Step One determines the individual's present skill level through an interview assessment;

Step Two determines the functional goals needed for the individual to become more independent

Step Three creates meaningful, functional activities and embeds appropriate skills into the activity for the individual to be successful in reaching their goals;

Step Four looks at the supports the individual  currently needs;

Step Five reduces the prompts the individual needs; and

Step Six defines and schedules the teaching of the skills throughout the individual's typical day.


Progress is documented using an Assessment Profile and Reference Manual. Included in the Assessment Profile are a comprehensive TOPDOWN MOTOR MILESTONE TEST® and a prompt reduction plan, which allows for easy documentation, goal writing, and task analysis.