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About Us

Founded in 1883, St. Margaret’s Center is a skilled nursing facility serving medically fragile infants, children and young adults on a single dedicated campus. We specialize in providing long-term, 24-hour medical care in a nurturing and home-like setting.


Our goal at St. Margaret’s is to help children learn and grow, despite any obstacle. Thanks to our innovative programs, technology, and specialized care from our highly trained nursing staff, respiratory therapists, therapy department and attending physicians from Albany Med Pediatric Center and the Center for Disability Services, we have made it possible to children to be weaned off of ventilators that they once relied on, and many return home to their families, graduate from school, and move to less restrictive environments. We pride ourselves on the many children who have successfully transitioned back into their own homes.


Many of our students are able to attend the Langan School, and some attend public schools throughout our community. For residents at St. Margaret’s who are too medically fragile to attend school away from the facility, we offer bedside schooling and an in-house day school program facilitated by the Langan School. 

As part of our mission to help every child learn and grow, we offer:


  • Comprehensive student assessment
  • Home-school services
  • Transportation to and from community schools
  • Playful, age appropriate activities, music and art
  • Family activities
  • Fully-accessible playground