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Empowering Lives Through Innovation

Thank you for helping us not only reach, but exceed our fundraising goal for the 2024 #518gives Fundraiser Match Campaign! Together, we have the power to make a significant difference and amplify the impact of every donation.

There is still time to give to the Center. Thank you to our #518gives Community for the support!

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Be a part of an extraordinary movement where your generosity achieves more and touches more lives. Join us in this journey of transformation and witness how your contribution becomes a beacon of hope and change. Your donation to #518gives is more than support; it's making a real, tangible difference in countless lives for people in the Capital Region.

Empowering Lives, One Donation at a Time

Every donation to #518gives directly supports our mission to empower individuals with disabilities. Your contributions help provide essential services, support, and resources, ensuring that each individual can lead a healthy and enriched life. Your generosity is the cornerstone of change and progress.

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