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Highest Quality Document Services

Delivered With Excellence And Through Opportunity

At the Mail Fulfillment Center, we offer document printing, mailing, and scanning services to municipalities, government agencies, financial institutions and private businesses. We use the latest technologies to deliver superior on-time service.

But, the Mail Fulfillment Center does quite a bit more. Through the partnership with NYSID, the Center provides real-life employment opportunities to those with disabilities. Through a combination of stellar service, high-quality results, and greater inclusion, vital business needs are met, and employees gain life-changing skills.

Mail Fulfillment Services

  • Transactional Printing

    • Color or Black Ink
    • MICR
    • Perforations
    • High Efficiency to Handle High Volume
  • Document Composition, Design, and Delivery

    • Provide data feeds for the Center to Create Print Documents
    • Upgrade your Customer Communications with Automated, Data Driven 1:1  Electronic Messaging
    • Get Personal, Empower Business Users, and Add a Human Element when needed
  • Mail Services

    • Mail Inserting Letters and Flats – Automated and Manual Processing
    • Mail Metering and Sealing
    • Mail Presort
    • Address Cleansing
    • Envelope Procurement
    • Courier Services
  • Fulfillment and Warehousing

    • Flat Inserting
    • Kitting
    • Pick, Pack, and Shipping Services
    • Climate Controlled and Secure Pallet Storage
  • Scanning

    • Document Preparation Services
    • OCR Imaging
    • Indexing
    • Secure File Transfer
    • Secure Document Storage
    • Secure Shredding