2023 CP State Awardees! :: 2023 CP State Awardees! :: Center For Disability Services New York

Congratulations to our 2023 CP State Awardees!


Congratulations to our four CP State Award winners Deana Brooks, Kevin Church, Yvonne Harvard, and January Santos who were nominated by their peers at the Center for Disability Services for this statewide award. These four individuals represent the Mission based services provided each day at the Center, and provide care in their respective programs at a level worthy of statewide recognition. Deana is a registered nurse in adult services, Kevin is transition coordinator at the Langan School, Yvonne is a resident counselor in the residential division, and January is a registered nurse at St. Margaret's Center. Our winners joined other staff throughout New York State in recognition of the work they do each day to improve the lives of the individuals we support in our programs and services at the annual CP State dinner. Four separate areas of our agency are represented, but ONE Mission is identified each day in these four dedicated staff, and the other staff around them, and that is what makes the Center the place Where People Get Better At Life.