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Supported Employment

Work gives individuals served by The Center a sense of purpose, accomplishment and independence. 

And employers find a diverse workforce that includes individuals with disabilities improves workplace morale and demonstrates their ability to see the potential in every individual to their clients and customers.


Our Employment Options program provides participants with in-depth training to prepare them for employment and ongoing support once they are hired. We help individuals become independent and contributing members of the community, while providing employers with happy, productive and dedicated employees.


Employment Options matches prospective employees with specific positions, taking into account such issues as location, transportation, and the work environment itself. We want every individual with disabilities to have a sense of pride and satisfaction in the job they do every working day.


Benefits for the Employee

  • Training in Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Meaningful job placement in an area of interest
  • On-site training
  • Ongoing support by a professional employment specialist
  • Advocacy and counseling
  • Competitive pay

Benefits for the Employers

  • Dedicated and productive employees
  • Tax incentives 
  • Cost-effective employment options
  • Internships available
  • Work assessments and adaptations
  • Ongoing support by professional employment specialist
  • Job analysis information

We also help employers with benefit advisement and information about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to individuals with disabilities in the workplace.


For more information: (518) 437-5700