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Day Programs

Activity-Based Day Programs

We offer site activities and personal care training and services to individuals who need or are interested in community inclusion. Our programs include Day Training, Day Habilitation, and Adult Day Health Care.


Mobility Opportunities Via Experience (MOVE)

Our Gokhale MOVE Program helps adults with disabilities to acquire increased mobility in sitting, standing and transitioning, and to experience better health and enhanced personal dignity. The MOVE experience is also designed to increase participants’ independence and self-esteem.


The Technology Center 

We offer specialized computer-based training and employment through our Technology Center. Our CapAbility Magazine is created, edited and produced within the Tech Center. To learn more about our CapAbility Magazine, contact us at 


Respite programs - After School/After Work Program

We offer to individuals who require services after traditional program hours. Our program, located at our Charles Park site in Guilderland, focuses on community skills development.


For More Information: (518) 427-2310.