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Congratulations to Gladys Jones, 2020 Joslin Award Recipient!

Gladys Jones has been a devoted and dependable employee of the Center's Mail Fulfillment Center for 14 years. She positively contributes to its success through her hard work and willingness to assist in a multitude of ways.


Throughout her tenure, Gladys has been responsible for preparing Department of Social Services mailings for distribution.  She ensures that items are addressed correctly, marked with proper postage and in suitable condition for processing.  Gladys learned to independently self-check and self-correct mailings for errors.  Her experience on the mail fulfillment team allows her to be a natural support for many of her coworkers, both new and old.

Year after year, Gladys has an outstanding attendance record and is always willing to work additional hours in a time crunch.  She's willing to take on any task no matter how large or small, and her optimistic manner motivates others to do the same.  Her strong work ethic and ability to inspire are unquestionable.  Director of Operations, Chris Schelin, stated, "Gladys's pleasant demeanor makes her a joy to be around at the shop. Her coworkers respect her efforts and her willingness to take on any responsibility in order to help the business.  During the pandemic, Gladys has kept in close contact with the operation, wanting to make sure everyone still working was doing well and asking about the work.  The pride she takes in her work, her performance and her determination to succeed represent the mission and spirit of Center for Disability Services."

Gladys resides in a local supported apartment operated by the Center.  She thrives on being independent, and earning a paycheck is very important to that independence.  She usually saves her paycheck to buy necessities and to go on vacation.  Gladys traveled to Texas last year; she loves to explore new areas of interest.

"If I didn't have this job, I would be home feeling bored, isolated, and not a part of society.  I would not have the opportunities and independence that having a job gives me."

Steady employment has built Gladys's self-confidence and with that has come a feeling of wanting more out of life.  She's eager to learn new tasks and takes pride in all she does.  Her determination, work ethic, welcoming demeanor, and optimistic ability to adapt to different assigned tasks makes her a team player.

When Gladys is not hard at work, she is busy studying to obtain her GED.  She has such an appreciation for the supports she receives that she wants to pay it forward.  She expressed a future goal to work with others with disabilities to give back what was provided to her.