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Gregory J. Sorrentino

President/Chief Executive Officer

Gregory J. Sorrentino is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Disability Services. He began his tenure in the position January 2, 2019, and is responsible for the oversight of the Center and its divisions, including St. Margaret’s Center, Prospect Center in Queensbury, Health Innovations Incubator and Technology Center, and Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center. He has been with the Center since 1993.

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Rosemary Lorello

Chief Program Officer

Rosemary Lorello was appointed Chief Program Officer in 2016 and she provides supervision, oversight and management of the innovative programs and services available to individuals with disabilities and families at the Center for Disability Services, either directly or through a program director or manager.

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Marc Antonucci

General Counsel

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Stephanie Knaust

Chief Accounting Officer

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Maria Kansas Devine, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Maria Kansas Devine, M.D., was appointed Chief Medical Officer at the Center for Disability Services in early 2017. She joined the practice as medical director in June 2014. Dr. Kansas also serves as a family medicine physician in primary care at the Albany facility.

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R. Daniel Shyne

Chief Information Officer

Dan Shyne was appointed as the Chief Information Officer of the Center for Disability Services in September 2017. Mr. Shyne is responsible for the oversight of all of the agency’s technology and information business functions.

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Anne Costigan

Senior Vice President of Communication and Development

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Amy L. Ross

Deputy Executive Director, Education

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Tom Gillespie

Deputy Executive Director, Residential Services

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Nancy Champlin

Deputy Executive Director, Adult Services

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Kim Heunemann

Senior Director of Prospect Center

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Sarah Quist

Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Officer

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David Zoller

Senior Director of Facilities and Commerical Properties