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Prospect Center

Family Support 

Prospect Center has always been committed to the family. Rather than fit someone into a pre-set program, we encourage individual choice and personal goals built around the individual and family.

Because persons receiving family support services are the primary decision-makers concerning the services and support they receive, we empower them to make informed choices by providing resources, education and services.

Advocacy and Referral

Prospect Center is a trusted and popular resource for concerned parents, school officials and medical professionals. Our staff offers guidance to anyone requesting information about disabilities. We are always available to confidentially answer questions, initiate referrals and assist families and individuals in obtaining advocacy services as needed. 

Family Reimbursement

Designed to meet the unique needs of an individual with a wide variety of supportive measures through direct financial support. The individual must be OPWDD eligible for services.

Annual swim program

Prospect’s annual swim program provides swim instruction for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and who are not able to participate in a community based swim program due to the limits of their disability. All sessions will be individualized to achieve skills at their ability level. Skill levels might range from introduction to the water, relaxation in the water, learning actual swim strokes, to water safety. All participants will have 1:1 staffing in the water while working with an instructor in a small group.