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Prospect Center


Prospect Center offers individuals ages 3 and up multi-disciplinary evaluations completed by a team of licensed and certified individuals who have a strong working knowledge of developmental disabilities.

Parents and primary caregivers are always part of the process. The Center has resources available to support families with follow-up services as needed. 

Parental Choice

If a child’s evaluation should result in a recommendation for services, parents have the right to choose where their child receives those services. You, as a parent, know your child best and play a pivotal role in evaluating programs and deciding what you want for your child. 

  • Keep an open mind and trust your own abilities while gaining information from as many sources as possible.
  • Visit programs, observe and consider all your options. Bring a trusted friend or family member to help you evaluate and assess what you see and the input that you get from professionals.
  • Most importantly, once decisions have been made and services are provided, continue to observe, evaluate and fully participate in your child’s program.