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Prospect Center

Adult Services 

Group Day Habilitation: Prospect Center’s Day Habilitation program allows individuals with developmental disabilities to foster their creativity, flexibility and individuality. The program offers a highly individualized, consumer-driven health care delivery program which meets the needs of the individuals we serve and their families. 

Residential Living: Prospect Center provides Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) or group homes for individuals who express an interest in living more independently in the community. Our homes are staffed 24-hours a day by trained staff who provide rehabilitative and supervisory services to residents in a warm, home setting.

Community Habilitation: Community Habilitation allows individuals to increase skills in the areas of independence, integration, individualization and productivity. The goal of this program is to normalize and enhance home and community life for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Respite – Home Based: One of the realities for many families is that parents need to work or may just need a break. This program offers stress-free respite for working families and care for individuals with developmental disabilities for whom “typical” child and daycare are not an option.