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This Notice describes how Identifiable Health Information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

This Revised Notice of Privacy Practices is effective as of February 17, 2010. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact the Center for Disability Services (CFDS) Privacy Officer, at 518-944-2129.

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated:

  • You may file a complaint with the CFDS Corporate Compliance Officer at 314 South Manning Blvd., Albany, NY 12208, 518-944-2129. Or, you may contact the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services at 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC 20201, 877-696-6775.
  • You may file a grievance with the Office of Civil Rights by calling 866-OCR-PRIV or (866) 627-7748, or (886) 788-4989 (TTY). 

All complaints must be submitted in writing. You will not be penalized for filing a complaint.