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Prospect Center

Medical and Therapy Services

Prospect Center offers medical and therapy services to support the specialized health needs of the individuals and their families we serve.

Medical Services

Prospect Center operates a New York State Department of Health certified Diagnostic & Treatment Center. Medical services include diagnostic and consultative appointments, examinations and referrals.

For more information on our Diagnostic & Treatment Center, please contact us at (518) 437-5918.

Therapy Services

Prospect Center provides the following therapy services to developmentally disabled individuals of all ages at the Center:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech & Language Pathology
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy - Aquatic physical therapy offers an alternative to traditional physical therapy providing therapeutic activities in warm water. The warmth and buoyance of the water promotes relaxation, reduces spasticity and improves postural tone. Water also provides a medium for increasing range of motion, improving muscle strength, increasing endurance, and improving balance and coordination.