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Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center

Support DSAHRC

From donations to volunteering to being an advocate, we appreciate all the support we receive from our families and the community. Here are some ways you can support DSAHRC:

  • Make direct financial contributions.
  • Name the DSAHRC in a will.
  • Facilitate direct financial contributions from your employer or introduce us to your employer (the DSAHRC has a short and concise PowerPoint presentation ready for presentation to any potential individual and corporate donor).
  • Arrange for us to give presentations to organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, church, etc) you belong to (staff of the DSAHRC are available for presentations).
  • Make us aware of grants we may apply for either through your company or from other sources.
  • Organize new fundraising activities.
  • Put us in contact with newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations, to allow us to raise awareness.
  • Contact your elected officials to let them know how important the DSAHRC is for you and your family.

If you’re interesting in participating in our events, making a donation or being a part of our volunteer team, contact us at (518) 738-0020 ext. 3780 or dsahrc@cfdsny.org