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When a group of parents got together in 1942 to form what would eventually become the Center for Disability Services, they could not have imagined the progress we’ve been able to make for our community. These days, with the technology and programs available to us, we're able to go the extra mile in helping people get better at life.

We reflect back and think about those parents. Could they picture a world where their children could play in a pool in a wheelchair, have a safe place to decompress from overwhelming sensory experiences, see a dentist who had the equipment to make them comfortable, and attend a program that helps them live independently?

Your Support

Empowers Progress

Every contribution you make is more than just a donation; it’s a commitment to progress and empowerment. With each gift, we’re able to incorporate more cutting-edge technology and evolve our innovative programming. This ensures that individuals with disabilities aren’t just navigating the world, but thriving in it.

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Without community contributions, we wouldn’t be in the fortunate position we’re in today. Because of the support from people like you, we’re able to utilize adaptive equipment that allows members of our community to achieve new levels of independence. Amenities like our sensory room, PVC pool wheelchairs, dental cameras, and equipment for our MOVE Program are changing lives every day.

We stand at the intersection of

technology and humanity

It's your support that propels us to continually break barriers and redefine what's possible. Together, we’re not just envisioning a brighter, more inclusive future—we are actively building it. Join us in shaping this transformative journey, and let's make a difference that resonates for generations.

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Over 91 cents of every dollar* goes directly to our programs and services.

10,000+ individuals supported each year

1,900+ devoted and amazing staff members

Programs to support individuals in any stage of life

53 residences

Seven adult day program sites including Without Walls programs

New York State accredited schools in Albany and Queensbury at Prospect Center

Expanded innovative programs: Without Walls. MOVE (Mobility Opportunity Via Education/Experience. RAAVE (Responsibly Addressing Autism Via Education)

State-of-the-art innovation for today, and the future, at HII Tech

*Per the 2022 990 tax form for Center for Disability Services, Inc.