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2019 LeadingAge Employee of Distinction Award

Presented to Kalotta Hemingway from St. Margaret's Center!

Join us in congratulating Kalotta Hemingway for being the recipient of the LeadingAge Employee of Distinction Award! The recognition ceremony was held at St. Margaret's Center. Jim Clyne from LeadingAge presented the award, along with other members of LeadingAge.

Kalotta has been an employee at the Center for over 10 years. She was recently recognized by her peers as the Employee of the Year at St. Margaret's Center. Her peers state: "she is everything a good supervisor should be", "she helps with anything you need", "Kalotta is a great, caring nurse!", "Kalotta is easily approachable and always willing to listen". Kalotta began 2018 as a direct care RN position and moved into her supervisory role that now consists of overseeing 3 units. Kalotta's leadership and hands-on approach support all of her staff into providing the highest quality of care to the residents.

Kalotta is a strong advocate for her residents with complex medical needs. She will research the medical needs of residents to ensure all aspects of care are taken care of as well as engaging families in Advanced Directive discussions which often times can be emotionally difficult when dealing with such young lives, but Kalotta has great relationships with family members.

Kalotta is the example of how a person can become a staff member within a direct-care health organization and utilize the resources and supports available to learn and grow into the field of nursing while becoming a leader of many and being respected by all. 

The Center is so appreciative of Kalotta's dedication to the Center's mission and for everything she does to help people get better at life. This award is very well deserved! Congratulations Kalotta!

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