Family Support Services
Meeting Your Family’s Needs. Providing at-home care for loved ones with a developmental disability presents a host of unique challenges. Family Support Services can help in times of crisis when a family member or loved one becomes ill, or when things get difficult at home for other reasons. With assistance and support, families often work these situations out successfully.

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Family Support Services

Family Support Services (FSS) assist parents, families and caregivers in providing care for their loved ones with developmental disabilities who live full-time in their family home. We provide FSS in the following counties: Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren and Washington.

To give caregivers a helping hand, Family Support Services provide a range of services including:

  • Respite
  • Recreation
  • Camp
  • After-School Programs
  • Sibling Services
  • Support Groups
  • Service Coordination
  • Advocacy and Counseling
  • Training and Supports
  • Family Reimbursement for Purchases of Goods and Services

We can help navigate a person’s first step toward receiving the services they want and need. Eligibility funding options, availability of services, and coordination of services can all be discussed with our Intake Coordinator at 518-738-0020 extension 3717.

Programs and services are developed in collaboration with family members, providers, government leaders, advocates and the people we serve.

Commonly Requested Family Support Services
Below is a listing and brief description of some of the more commonly requested Family Support Services.

Respite: Respite services provide the family with a temporary break from the constant care required for a family member with developmental disabilities who lives full time in their family home. Respite services may be provided during the day, after school or work, evening and overnight respite out of the family home.
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Camp: At Clover Patch Camp, children with special needs get a chance to relax and be themselves in a safe and caring environment. Clover Patch Camp is a fully-accessible summer camp located in Glenville, NY, serving children and adults with various disabilities and medical conditions. The camp offers a wide variety of programs that enhance the lives of campers, including arts and crafts, music, drama, sports, recreation, swimming, nature trail exploration, camp fire activities and community activities.
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Recreation: Recreation is a planned program of social, recreational and leisure activities for people with developmental disabilities that include opportunities to interact with and participate as part of a community.

Family Reimbursement: Family Reimbursement provides the possibility of purchasing services and goods that are not funded through any other sources. Application approval is necessary, which includes requested dollar amount.
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Advocacy: Advocacy may include information and referral services, outreach, parent networking and service access assistance for individuals and their families. It is possible to make connections with diagnostic, residential, habilitative, educational, vocational, medical and recreational services.
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Counseling, Training and Supports: Counseling, training/educational activities and supports may be available for parents, siblings, and care givers, as well as for individuals with developmental disabilities. These services may be helpful for individuals and families who are looking to gain insight, resolve problems, develop alternate approaches to services and to address other issues of concern.
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For more information on Family Support Services, contact us at or call 518-437-5600.

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